happyhourchandelierlogo Happy Hour Chandelier is a 20 minutes performance in which a Dancing Angel is hanging (up side down!) from the ceiling above her audience surrounded by a beautifully designed chandelier. While hanging through the chandelier she dances her spectacular choreography and pours flutes of champagne to the crowd beneath her or him. Yesss since december 2014 it is possible to book a male dancer too. Happy Hour Chandelier is a unique and stunning entertainment concept created by award-winning choreographer and dancer Nanine Linning and star designer Marcel Wanders The performance can be tuned to the style and needs of your special event, click on the photo and send an email for more information and bookings.
From heaven with love!
chris2 Christian D. Guerematchi (SI) finished his ballet education in Maribor and afterwards became a member of the National Ballet in Slovenia. He was strongly engaged in the creations of Edward Clug with whom he also danced on the 17th International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover.  In 2006 he came to the Netherlands with another choreography of Edward Clug. This solo made for Christian became the first performance of the newly established company Station Zuid in Tilburg. Since then he worked with choreographers such as Andre Gingras, Silvain Emard, Vaclav Kunes, Stephen Shropshire, Emio Greco, Pieter Scholten, Thierry Smits, Sagi Gross and Nicole Beutler.

For his role in ROCCO Christian has been nominated for the Swan ‘Most impressive dance production’ 2012.

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MLVM Italian duo Michele Rizzo aka M and Danilo Colonna aka LVM both based and active in Amsterdam (NL). With their beautiful experimental beats they create a special mystique for you event > more information soon

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